Rotary Grill Steam Boiler

Rotary Grill Steam Boiler: In this combustion system, from the moment the coal is poured from the service bunker to the grill, it moves towards the furnace with the rotational speed of the grill.

As soon as it enters the furnace, with the effect of radiation heat, the coal first starts to release its moisture, gasification with the increase in temperature and release of volatile-combustible hydrocarbons and completes the burning of fixed carbon in the further parts of the grate. All components of the coal continue to burn until the end of the grill.

Since the combustion is finished, the remaining amount of slag is very less, which is poured into the slag trough and taken out.

All processes from loading the coal to the bunkers, burning, and discharging the slag are carried out fully automatically with the PLC automation system. In this way, both a highly efficient combustion and a very low emission value are provided.

Technicial Specifications
Capacity Range 5-15 Tons/Hour steam
Pressure 0-25 Bar
Fuel 0-14 mm Lignite Coal
Hydraulic Cylinder (Piston) Force Calculation