Moving Grate Steam Boiler

Front Furnace Moving Grate Steam Boiler: The moving grate combustion system, which is also applied in solid fuel systems, provides the possibility of proportional operation and high efficiency according to the heat requirement of the boiler.

 Combustion takes place entirely in the front furnace where the movable grate is inside. Heat conduction is provided by radiation in the front furnace and by convection in the boiler.

After the flue gas passes through the boiler, the soot particles are separated from the flue gas in the multi-cyclone soot trap and are discharged from the flue in accordance with the flue gas values allowed by the air quality protection regulation.

Technicial Specifications
Capacity Range 0-15 Tons / Hours of Steam
Fuel           0-60 mm Coal
Pressure         0-15 Bar
Advantage         Low Investment Cost
Flue            Low Flue Smoke Intake
Hydraulic Cylinder (Piston) Force Calculation