D Type Steam Boiler

 D Type Steam Boiler: If high pressure and high capacity are required, this type of boiler is preferred. It is a water tube steam boiler, designed and manufactured in accordance with EN 12952 standards.

 By adding the economizer to the system, higher efficiency is achieved. There is no great danger in any pipe splitting, as very little of the water in the boiler turns into steam.

 Since the heating surface is large and the water volume is small, more steam is obtained from the unit heating surface and responds to the rapid steam needs in a short time.

If the boiler works with the water softening system manufactured in our facility, its efficiency will increase, and it will be protected from the damages that can be caused by hard water.

Technicial Specifications


Capacity 5-100T/H
Boiler Efficiency %90-92
Maximum Operating Temperature 350°C
Advantage Natural gas, Lng, Fuel Oil
Hydraulic Cylinder (Piston) Force Calculation