Hot Oil Boilers

Hot oil boilers are still one of the most preferred boilers. It is a great solution especially in village areas where natural gas is not available. Since fossil fuels are not used, it does not harm the environment. An oil boiler consists of several pipes, radiators and heating systems. These boilers are effective even at low temperatures. Because it has a condensing system. In this way, it works efficiently and allows you to save money.

A low-temperature liquid fuel heats water differently than conventional methods. It uses a lower temperature for this. In this way, it consumes 15% less energy. Its maintenance is the same as other boilers and should be done once a year.

What are Advantages of Hot Oil Boilers?

Oil boilers provide comfortable heat even when larger quantities are required. It is especially safe for temperatures of 300 and above. These boilers are used in the industry where the highest temperature is required. Models available on the market today have excellent efficiency. Up to 89.5% for low temperature boilers, almost 100% for oil condensing boilers. It is also possible to connect the oil boiler to a heat pump to achieve an even more powerful combination system.

New models have been produced in recent years. Older models still pose a risk due to emissions of sulfur, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. But the new generation of hot oil boilers are safe and clean. It works to get the highest efficiency and does this with less energy. In this way, the need for fuel is minimized.

What are Hot Oil Boilers?

Thanks to the oils in the Hot oil boilers, the heat is transferred. At the same time, boiling temperatures rise up to 400 °C. This is its most important feature. This is the temperature point that water-steam systems cannot do. It goes up to atmospheric pressure. Moreover, it is safer.

It is especially used in the fields of textile, automotive and chemistry. Thanks to its high heating system, it successfully performs heating, drying and cooking processes.

The most important task of these boilers is to have low steam pressure against high temperature. This is also important for security. Because high pressure in many machines carries a life risk. The maximum pressure in the hot oil boiler does not exceed 1 bar. In this way, there is no corrosion effect. Its cost is lower than other boilers.

What are the Features of Hot Oil Boilers?

The features of these boilers are more than others and they are advantageous. For this reason, all features should be considered before purchasing hot oil boilers;

  • The boiling temperature is always high

  • Freezing temperature is low

  • Heat transfer properties are good

  • Evaporation level is high

  • Least risk of fire

  • Environmental damage is minimal

  • Machines require less maintenance

  • Does not emit bad odor

  • Maintains constant temperature

Hot oil boilers do not lose their chemical and physical properties even at the highest temperatures. It uses various oils for this.

The most common problem in water boilers is calcification. That's why it needs frequent maintenance. Hot oil boiler does not have such disadvantages.

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